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Fast and affordable 

Urgent Care

at your home


Starting at just Rs.699*



I had fever for 3 days. I booked Dooper and assistant visited me in 30 min.
He did my tests and sent a report along with the medicines the same day. Dooper is awesome!

Chicken Pox




Cough and cold

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Urgent Care

Fast and affordable care at your home.

Urgent care is for non-life-threatening conditions where treatment is needed quickly. Dooper provides smart, hassle-free immediate care when it matters most.

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Instant Visit

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Point Care of testing


Expert Team


24/7 Doctor Support

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Nursing care

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Lab test

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Users Love Dooper

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I had fever for 3 days. I Booked Dooper and assistant visited me in 30 mins. He did my tests and sent a report along with the medicines the same day. Dooper is Awesome! 



Discover the Dooper Difference






Labs reports

Health care the way you want it.
Simple, Quick, Accessible and Reliable.
All at your doorstep

Decrease in waiting time 

Patient Satisfaction rate

Reduction in overall treatment cost 

Why choose Dooper

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Point of Care Testing

We bring advanced equipment to check your 21 vitals at home

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360 degree Service

From sending DHA to sending reports & medicines, we take care of it all

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Post Check-up Follow up

We follow up to check on your health rather than you having to chase us

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Best Hospital Network

We've partnered with the best hospitals and doctors of Kota

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Hospital Network

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Maitri Hospital

(589* Google reviews)

Get care from best hospitals in Kota

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How Dooper works

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Book a visit

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Relax while 
Dooper health Assistant
comes to you

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DHA will check your
vitals and symptoms 


Get personalized


Bullet fast delivery of
medical supplies

We provide ambulance and post-operative support when required. Get complete assistance from admission to discharge.


  • When should I go to urgent care?
    You should visit urgent care when you have an illness or injury that requires prompt attention but is not life-threatening. Examples include sprains, cuts, and urinary tract infections.
  • Can urgent care refill my medication?
    Yes they can. Depending upon the type of medication and the last time it was refilled, your doctors will discuss options available for a refill, new medication or connecting you with a primary care provider.
  • What kind of tests can urgent care perform with same day results?
    There are a variety of tests available such as flu, strep throat, and COVID. If you are experiencing pain with urination or STI symptoms the urgent can help with those as well.
  • When should I go to urgent care vs emergency care?
    Urgent care can provide care for mild symptoms such as fever, cough, vomiting or diarrhea and injuries such as a cut, sprains/strains or broken bones. If you are experiencing the onset of severe pain or symptoms such as difficulty breathing, chest, abdominal pain or stroke like symptoms go for the emergency care.
  • When should I see urgent care vs primary care?
    If you are experiencing a mild illness such as a fever, cough, sore throat or sustained an injury that is need of immediate attention you should go to urgent care. See a primary care provider to gain insight into your overall health status, discuss preventive screenings based on your family history and age, and monitor chronic conditions.
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